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Last Updated: 22/11/2018

Under The Rain is a psychological survival horror game in the style of the old classics of the genre with some modern gameplay elements added to the mix.

You play as Randolph Carter, who has recently been plagued by a recurring nightmare that is starting to pour into his waking life and is summoned by a stranger to return to Arkham...

In Under The Rain the player will aid Carter while he explores the abandoned and cursed city of Arkham, and some other locations found throughout the Lovecraftian Mythos to uncover it's mysteries. That is if he can survive and maintain his sanity...

Under The Rain is also thought out to be an episodic adventure, in active development. 


  • Melee and firearm combat - so you can have a fighting chance.
  • Stealth - hiding in shadows and not making a lot of noise helps.
  • Exploration - keep an eye out for useful items. These can be in plain sight or stashed around somewhere.
  • Limited save slots and locations - just like in the good old days: no checkpoints, no autosaves, it's up to you to be careful.
  • Controller friendly - Under The Rain is optimized to be played with a controller, using by default a tank control scheme much like the old classics, but you can change it in the settings.
  • Cinematic experience - no interface clutter, no Hud. Using a dynamic camera system, you feel like you are watching a horror movie, but you make the choices.

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Under The Rain's IndieDB Page

Install instructions

To run the game, simply extract the contents of the zip file to any folder and run the UTR_Demo.exe file. You should first run the controller setup app next to game's exe to configure your controller before you run the game for the first time.


Demo (Win64)
Demo (Win32)

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