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Under The Rain

An adaptation of Lovecraftian tales in the modern age. · By Telmo Pereira


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Guess who's back?
So, after a while recovering from an accident (mildly serious one...), here is a test for the 1st episode intro. Thoughts?...
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Lip Sync test.
Some lip syn testing with the voice acting of the awesome Brian Watts. What do you guys think?...
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Interview with SeriousTimeout.
Interview with SeriousTimeout, where I talk about Under The Rain, my plans for it, and a bit about me ;)...
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Intro updated
The animations still need some work, and voice acting as well. If you want to give a hand (or a voice), don't be shy and just DM me ;)...
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Episode I starting development.
Started development on the first episode of the game series, stay tuned for updates. Still working on the level itself, but work is going well...
Pricing update
So, I decided to drop from "Pay what you want" to "Free" to see if it encourages more downloads. If you like it, you can donate with PayPal. Cheers ;)...
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Now that LGW is over and most of the bugs fixed, it's time to get to work!
So, this has been a hell of a ride so far. I never expected for such an overwhelmingly good reception to my game, thank you all for the feedback and support, it...
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Post LGW update.
So, thanks to the fine folks that tried out Under The Rain at Lisbon Games Week, I was able to find some more bugs and fix them, so as per usual, here is a new...
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