It's here...

So, it's here, what I expect to be one of the last updates to the demo, the next is going to be more audio related, and I want to try and implement a few mechanics: throwable distractions (could be used as blunt weapons a lá Last Of Us, maybe...) and a couple others. Don't want to spoil it for now, I still want to try and implement them right.

After that, it's full throttle towards Episode 1...

So, enjoy, have fun, and if you find anything wrong or just want to give your thoughts, go ahead, I appreciate the feedback, as usual.

And remember to share the information with your friends, family and lover(s[?!?]).

Oh, and if you want, you can always donate to the cause, 'cause I could really use the help... :)


Demo (Win32)
Oct 10, 2018
Demo (Win64)
Oct 07, 2018

Get Under The Rain

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